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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Geomorphology-based unit hydrograph models for flood risk management: case study in brazilian watersheds with contrasting physiographic characteristicsBeskow, Samuel; Nunes, Gabriela S.; Mello, Carlos R. de; Caldeira, Tamara L.; Norton, Lloyd D.; Steinmetz, Alice A.; Vargas, Marcelle M.; Ávila, Léo F.
Jan-2018At-site flood frequency analysis coupled with multiparameter probability distributionsCassalho, Felício; Beskow, Samuel; Mello, Carlos Rogério de; Moura, Maíra Martim de; Kerstner, Laura; Ávila, Leo Fernandes
Jul-2018Modelagem hidrológica determinística chuva-vazão em bacias hidrográficas: uma abordagem introdutóriaCaldeira, Tamara Leitzke; Oliveira, Vinícius Augusto de; Steinmetz, Alice Alonzo; Viola, Marcelo Ribeiro; Beskow, Samuel
Mar-2019Irrigation distribution uniformity analysis on a lateral-move irrigation systemFaria, Lessandro Coll; Nörenberg, Bernardo Gomes; Colombo, Alberto; Dukes, Michael D.; Timm, Luis Carlos; Beskow, Samuel; Caldeira, Tamara Leitzke
Jun-2019Evaluation of flood timing and regularity over hydrological regionalization in southern BrazilCassalho, Felício; Beskow, Samuel; Mello, Carlos Rogério de; Oliveira, Leroi Floriano; Aguiar, Marilton Sanchotene de
Mar-2020Artificial intelligence for identifying hydrologically homogeneous regions: a state‐of‐the‐art regional flood frequency analysisCassalho, Felício; Beskow, Samuel; Mello, Carlos Rogério de; Moura, Maíra Martim de; Oliveira, Leroi Floriano de; Aguiar, Marilton Sanchotene de
Sep-2019Rainfall partitioning measurement and rainfall interception modelling in a tropical semi-deciduous Atlantic forest remnantJunqueira Júnior, José Alves; Mello, Carlos Rogério de; Mello, José Márcio de; Scolforo, Henrique Ferraço; Beskow, Samuel; McCarter, James
Aug-2019Modeling the effects of climate change on hydrology and sediment load in a headwater basin in the Brazilian Cerrado biomeOliveira, Vinícius Augusto de; Mello, Carlos Rogério de; Beskow, Samuel; Viola, Marcelo Ribeiro; Srinivasan, Raghavan
Feb-2019Lash hydrological model: an analysis focused on spatial discretizationLeitzke, Tamara; Mello, Carlos Rogério; Beskow, Samuel; Timm, Luís Carlos; Viola, Marcelo Ribeiro
Apr-2020Identifying covariates to assess the spatial variability of saturated soil hydraulic conductivity using robust cokriging at the watershed scaleSoares, Mauricio Fornalsk; Centeno, Luana Nunes; Timm, Luís Carlos; Mello, Carlos Rogério; Kaiser, Douglas Rodrigo; Beskow, Samuel