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Title: Política industrial, investimento direto externo e os transbordamentos de produtividade: uma análise bibliométrica
Other Titles: Industrial policy, foreign direct investment and spillover productivity: a bibliometric analysis
Keywords: Política industrial
Investimento direto estrangeiro
Países em desenvolvimento
Transbordamento de produtividade
Industrial policy
Foreign direct investment
Developing countries
Spillover productivity
Issue Date: Aug-2018
Publisher: Universidade Vale do Rio Verde
Citation: CAETANO, R. M. et al. Política industrial, investimento direto externo e os transbordamentos de produtividade: uma análise bibliométrica. Revista da Universidade Vale do Rio Verde, Betim, v. 16, n. 2, p. 1-11, ago./dez. 2018. doi: 10.5892/ruvrd.v16i2.5153.
Abstract: Recent research on industrial policy has shown that in the last five years at least 84 countries - both developed and developing - have adopted formal industrial development strategies, suggesting that industrial policies have become present in today's global economic environment (UNCTAD, 2018) . The purpose of this article is to bibliometric review of the studies that contemplate this subject, making the necessary connections with the main authors related to this line of research, as well as co-authorship and collaboration networks, collaboration networks between countries. As a research method, a bibliometric analysis is presented with the purpose of identifying a sample of the scientific production on the subject in question. The results show that the network of authors and coauthors found is in agreement with the theoretical reference presented, as well as the main theoretical formulations. One point to note is that even in the case of research whose field of application is in developing countries, the network of authors and countries (with the exception of China) is still concentrated in rich countries.
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