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dc.creatorGarcia, Olmer-
dc.creatorVitor, Giovani Bernardes-
dc.creatorFerreira, Janito Vaqueiro-
dc.creatorMeirelles, Pablo Siqueira-
dc.creatorMiranda Neto, Arthur de-
dc.identifier.citationGARCIA, O. et al. The VILMA intelligent vehicle: an architectural design for cooperative control between driver and automated system. Journal of Modern Transportation, [S.l.], v. 26, n. 3, p 220 - 229, Sept. 2018.pt_BR
dc.description.abstractIntelligent autonomous vehicles have received a great degree of attention in recent years. Although the technology required for these vehicles is relatively advanced, the challenge is firstly to ensure that drivers can understand the capabilities and limitations of such systems and secondly to design a system that can handle the interaction between the driver and the automated intelligent system. In this study, we describe an approach using different strategies for an autonomous system and a driver to drive a vehicle cooperatively. The proposed strategies are referred to as cooperative planning and control and determine when and how the path projected by the autonomous system can be changed safely by the driver to a path that he wishes to follow. The first phase of the project is described, covering the design and implementation of an autonomous test vehicle. Experiments are carried out with a driver to test the cooperative planning and control concepts proposed here.pt_BR
dc.sourceJournal of Modern Transportationpt_BR
dc.subjectAutonomous vehiclespt_BR
dc.subjectEmbedded systemspt_BR
dc.subjectCooperative systemspt_BR
dc.subjectVisual servoingpt_BR
dc.titleThe VILMA intelligent vehicle: an architectural design for cooperative control between driver and automated systempt_BR
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