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Title: Soil management and ionic strength on selenate retention in oxidic soils
Other Titles: Manejo do solo e força iônica na retenção de selenato em solos oxídicos
Keywords: Adsorption/desorption reactions
Brazilian soils
Competitive anion
Soil cultivation
Reações de adsorção/dessorção
Solos brasileiros
Ânions competitivos
Cultivo do solo
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Universidade Federal de Lavras
Citation: ARAÚJO, A. M. et al. Soil management and ionic strength on selenate retention in oxidic soils. Ciência e Agrotecnologia, Lavras, v. 42, n. 4, p. 395-407, July/Aug. 2018.
Abstract: Sorption of selenium (Se) on soils may be influenced by factors that are changed though agricultural practices usually performed for crop production, such as soil pH, competing anion and organic matter contents, among others. This study aimed to evaluate the influence of soil management and ionic strength (IS) on Se retention in Brazilian soils, which is important to predict Se availability in both systems, native and cultivated soils. For that, adsorption and desorption reactions of Se were evaluated in 16 soil samples (eight from cultivated soils and eight from native soils), using solutions containing 100 and 500 µg L-1 Se in the form of sodium selenate and in two IS, 15 and 150 mM. Se adsorption varied as a function of IS for most soils, which may indicate that the adsorption mechanism by outer-sphere complex is important for selenate retention in the studied soils, but future studies involving other techniques, such as spectroscopic studies, are needed to more clearly confirm the adsorption mechanism. In general, adsorption varied in relation to soil characteristics, and native soils adsorbed larger Se amounts than the cultivated soils. In terms of desorption, soils which had larger Se adsorbed amounts also presented larger desorbed amounts. Finally, IS and soil management influenced the availability of selenate in the studied soils.
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