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Title: Multifuncionalidade da agricultura e serviços ambientais: aproximações e distanciamentos como referenciais de políticas publicas
Other Titles: Multifunctionality of agriculture and environmental services: approaches and distances as references of public policies
Keywords: Desenvolvimento sustentável
Agricultura familiar
Políticas públicas
Multifuncionalidade da agricultura
Serviços ambientais
Sustainable development
Family agriculture
Public policies
Multifunctionality of agriculture
Environmental service
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Universidade Regional do Noroeste do estado do Rio Grande do Sul
Citation: CHIODI, R. E.; MARQUES, P. E. M. Multifuncionalidade da agricultura e serviços ambientais: aproximações e distanciamentos como referenciais de políticas publicas. Desenvolvimento em Questão, Ijuí, ano 16, n. 45, out./dez. 2018.
Abstract: Sustainable development emerges as a referential of public policies, but different notions are constructed under this guideline. Thus, the multifunctionality of agriculture and environmental services are gaining importance because of the political importance they have assumed at the international and national levels. The article establishes a relational approach to discuss the approximations and distances between these notions. Through a bibliographical review of international and national scope, it is concluded that there is proximity and even a certain interrelation between these notions as reference of public policies, since they propose the recognition and valorization of positive externalities of agriculture and the rural environment. However, they present different emphases, based on different representations of reality and, thus, obtaining distant legitimacies
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