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Title: Uma abordagem do texto literário em sala de aula através das rodas de leitura
Other Titles: A methodological approach to the literary text in a classroom through the reading circles
Keywords: Rodas de leitura
Sala de aula
Lispector, Clarice, 1920-1977
Reading circles
Issue Date: 2018
Citation: BOTEGA, S. A.; PORTOLOMEOS, A. Uma abordagem do texto literário em sala de aula através das rodas de leitura. In: SIMPÓSIO DE PESQUISA EM EDUCAÇÃO, 2., 2018, Lavras. Anais... Lavras: UFLA, 2018. Não paginado.
Abstract: This work reflects about the insertion of literary art in the classroom, specifically through the work with the chronicles of Clarice Lispector in reading circles. This discussion pretend to emphasize the importance of the literary text in the full formation of the individual, by valuing the potentialities and the socialization of the individual reading that this type of methodology foment, according to Hércules Corrêa, in a glossary developed by CEALE of UFMG. The approach of literature in this format can favor a greater involvement of students in the multiple possibilities of meaning and appreciation of artistic works because it highlights "certain parts of the text exploring intonation, using resources such as voice change in accordance with the character, emphasis on interjections, gestures and facial and body expressions. " For this practice to be beneficial, it is still necessary that teachers use theoretical foundations that guide them about the specificities of the literary object. In this context, this communication also addresses the particularity of literary language and, for that, anchors itself in writings of theorists and critics such as Antonio Candido, Mukarovsky, Valéry, Wellek and Jauss. This thinkers defend the peculiarity of literary language which, as a differentiated system, uses language in a distinctive way and, as such, differs in its nature and function from languages that aim at direct communication. Through the reading circles, the student-reader can be led to a special pleasure, capable of activating his imagination, his creativity and sensitivity, contributing significantly to his formation as a conscious and reflective subject.
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