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metadata.artigo.dc.title: Resistance to Meloidogyne incognita race 1 in the lettuce cultivars grand rapids and Salinas-88
metadata.artigo.dc.creator: Carvalho Filho, José Luiz Sandes de
Gomes, Luiz Antonio Augusto
Maluf, Wilson Roberto
Oliveira, Rafael Resende
Costa, Daniela Santos
Fereira, Sindynara
Monteiro, Aline Beraldo
Carvalho, Rejane Rodrigues da Costa e
metadata.artigo.dc.subject: Lactuca sativa L.
Genetic resistance
metadata.artigo.dc.publisher: Springer Nov-2011
metadata.artigo.dc.identifier.citation: CARVALHO FILHO, J. L. S. de et al. Resistance to Meloidogyne incognita race 1 in the lettuce cultivars grand rapids and Salinas-88. Euphytica, [S.l.], v. 182, n. 2, p. 199-208, Nov. 2011. DOI: 10.1007/s10681-011-0429-7.
metadata.artigo.dc.description.abstract: The objective of this work was to check the possible allelism between two sources of resistance to the root-knot nematode Meloidogyne incognita race 1 in lettuce (‘Grand Rapids’ and ‘Salinas-88’). The experiments were carried out in greenhouses, in expanded 128-cell polystyrene trays filled with commercial substrate. Lettuce cultivars ‘Salinas 88’ and ‘Grand Rapids’ were tested along with the populations F1 (‘Grand Rapids’ × ‘Salinas-88’), F2 (‘Grand Rapids’ × ‘Salinas-88’), F3 (‘Grand Rapids’ × ‘Salinas-88’), and with F4 families derived from the latter population. Seedlings were inoculated 15 days after sowing with a nematode egg suspension equivalent to 30 eggs ml−1 of substrate. Plants were evaluated for apparent gall incidence, gall scores, egg mass scores and extracted egg numbers 45 days after the inoculation date. There was evidence that two different genes are involved in control of resistance to M. incognita race 1 in lettuce cultivars Grand Rapids and Salinas-88. Lines with higher levels of nematode resistance than either Grand Rapids or Salinas-88 could be selected in the F4 generation of the cross between these resistant parental lines.
metadata.artigo.dc.language: en_US
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