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Title: Produção e teores de nutrientes em cladódios de pitaia vermelha sob cultivo orgânico
Other Titles: Production and nutrient content in red pitaya cladodes under organic cultivation
Keywords: Adubação orgânica
Hylocereus undatus
Organic manure
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: Centro Universitário FAG
Citation: COSTA, A. C. et al. Produção e teores de nutrientes em cladódios de pitaia vermelha sob cultivo orgânico. Revista Cultivando o Saber, [S.l.],v. 7, n. 2, p. 111 - 121, 2014.
Abstract: The red pitaia is a species of fruitful vine that has been calling attention in the exotic fruit market in Brazil. In recent years the demand for alternative sources of nutrients has increased due to rising price of fertilizers. Thus, the objective was to evaluate the production and nutrient content in cladodes of red pitaya [Hylocereus undatus (Haw.) Britton & Rose] under organic cultivation. The experimental design was randomized block with eight treatments: control, cattle manure, chicken manure, bioclastic granules, cattle manure + poultry manure, cattle manure + bioclastic granules, chicken manure + bioclastic granules and cattle manure + poultry manure + bioclastic granules, with three blocks and an experimental plot consisting of four plants. It was found that the organic fertilization provided the highest production and productivity of red pitaia and the highest nutrient levels were found in cladodes of red pitaia with organic fertilizer.
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