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Title: Panorama Acadêmico sobre Resíduos Sólidos: análise da produção cientifica a partir do marco legal do setor
Other Titles: Academic panorama about solid waste: analysis of scientific production from the sanction of the brazilian public policy for the sector
Keywords: Resíduos sólidos
Políticas públicas
Gestão ambiental
Logística reversa
Solid waste
Public policy
Environmental management
Reverse logistics
Publisher: Centro Universitário das Faculdades Metropolitanas Unidas
Citation: CEZAR, L. C.; BARBOSA, T. R. da C. G.; REIS, M. C. T. FONSECA JÚNIOR, F. da. Panorama Acadêmico sobre Resíduos Sólidos: análise da produção cientifica a partir do marco legal do setor. Revista Metropolitana de Sustentabilidade, São Paulo, v. 5, n. 2, p. 14-33, maio/ago. 2015.
Abstract: This article aims to analyze the landscape of Brazilian scientific production regarding about the solid waste in administration, accounting science, economy and tourism after the enactment of Law 12,305 that sanctioned the Solid Waste National Policy (SWNP). It is believed that the studies had greater robustness from the creation of the law that has brought many challenges for municipalities and new scientific debates for the sector. For realization of this study was held bibliographical research in the electronic portal of indexing articles SPELL. The analysis was performed by means of bibliometric techniques and metaanalysis. The main results point to a low concentration of articles grounded in SWNP, leading to assume that the policy may be facing problems regarding its implementation process. The conclusion of this study shows the view that new scientific debates can gain greater strength whereas the SWNP is implemented efficiently over time.
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