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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Phosphate solubilization by several genera of saprophytic fungi and its influence on corn and cowpea growthGudiño Gomezjurado, Marco E.; Abreu, Lucas H. de; Marra, Leandro Marciano; Pfenning, Ludwig Heinrich; Moreira, Fatima Maria de Souza
2019Micronutrients levels in common bean cv.'BRSMG madreperola' on soil contaminated with chromiumSantos, J. L. A.; Reis, R. H. C. L.; Lima, F. R. D.; Vasques, I. C. F.; Pozza, A. A. A.; Marques, J. J.
1-May-2019Genesis, morphology and mineralogy of Planosols developed from different parent materials in southern BrazilSilva, Luís Fernando da; Fruett, Tatiele; Zinn, Yuri Lopes; Inda, Alberto Vasconcellos; Nascimento, Paulo César do
2019A global, empirical, harmonised dataset of soil organic carbon changes under perennial cropsLedo, Alicia; Hillier, Jonathan; Smith, Pete; Aguilera, Eduardo; Blagodatskiy, Sergey; Brearley, Francis Q.; Datta, Ashim; Diaz-Pines, Eugenio; Don, Axel; Dondini, Marta; Dunn, Jennifer; Feliciano, Diana Marisa; Liebig, Mark A.; Lang, Rong; Llorente, Mireia; Zinn, Yuri Lopes; McNamara, Niall; Ogle, Stephen; Qin, Zhangcai; Rovira, Pere; Rowe, Rebecca; Vicente-Vicente, José Luis; Whitaker, Jeanette; Yue, Qian; Zerihun, Ayalsew
Dec-2019Soil genesis, mineralogy and chemical composition in a steatite outcrop under tropical humid climate in BrazilVilela, Emerson Ferreira; Inda, Alberto Vasconcellos; Zinn, Yuri Lopes
Sep-2019Alternative sources of potassium in the growth of calla lilyBoldrin, Karina Volpi Furtini; Paiva, Patrícia Duarte de Oliveira; Boldrin, Paulo Fernandes; Furtini Neto, Antonio Eduardo; Almeida, Brígida Resende
Nov-2019A soil compaction diagnosis method for occasional tillage recommendation under continuous no tillage system in BrazilPeixoto, Devison Souza; Silva, Bruno Montoani; Oliveira, Geraldo César de; Moreira, Silvino Guimarães; Silva, Feliphe da; Curi, Nilton