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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Sep-2016Adsorption and desorption kinetics and phosphorus hysteresis in highly weathered soil by stirred flow chamber experimentsGuedes, Rafael Silva; Melo, Leônidas Carrijo Azavedo; Vergütz, Leonardus; Rodríguez-Vila, Alfonso; Covelo, Emma Fernández; Fernandes, Antonio Rodrigues
Sep-2018Maghemite quantification and magnetic signature of brazilian soils with contrasting parent materialsPoggere, Giovana Clarice; Inda, Alberto Vasconcellos; Barrón, Vidal; Kämpf, Nestor; Brito, Angela Dayana Barrera de; Barbosa, Julierme Zimmer; Curi, Nilton
Mar-2019Selenium and mercury in Brazilian Cerrado soils and their relationships with physical and chemical soil characteristicsCarvalho, G. S.; Oliveira, J. R.; Curi, N.; Schulze, D. G.; Marques, J. J.
2018Using pedological knowledge to improve sediment source apportionment in tropical environmentsBatista, Pedro V. G.; Laceby, J. Patrick; Silva, Marx L. N.; Tassinari, Diego; Bispo, Diêgo F. A.; Curi, Nilton; Davies, Jessica; Quinton, John N.
Sep-2018Synthesis of proximal sensing, terrain analysis, and parent material information for available micronutrient prediction in tropical soilsPelegrino, M. H. P.; Weindorf, D. C.; Silva, S. H. G.; Menezes, M. D. de; Poggere, G. C.; Guilherme, Luiz Roberto Guimaraes; Curi, Nilton
Oct-2014Changes in soil organic carbon under eucalyptus plantations in Brazil: a comparative analysisFialho, R. C.; Zinn, Y. L.
2017Visual analysis and X-ray computed tomography for assessing the spatial variability of soil structure in a cultivated OxisolCarducci, Carla E.; Zinn, Yuri L.; Rossoni, Diogo F.; Heck, Richard J.; Oliveira, Geraldo C.
2017A simple model to estimate Brunauer-Emmett-Teller-N specific surface area of contrasting soils in BrazilZinn, Yuri L.; Vilela, Emerson F.; Araujo, Marla A.; Lal, Rattan
Apr-2016Retrieving pedologist's mental model from existing soil map and comparing data mining tools for refining a larger area map under similar environmental conditions in southeastern BrazilSilva, Sérgio Henrique Godinho; Menezes, Michele Duarte de; Owens, Phillip Ray; Curi, Nilton
2016Pedogenic and lithogenic gravels as indicators of soil polygenesis in the Brazilian CerradoZinn, Yuri L.; Bigham, Jerry M.