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dc.creatorVeras, Galileu Crovatto-
dc.creatorMurgas, Luis David Solis-
dc.creatorRosa, Priscila Vieira e-
dc.creatorZangeronimo, Márcio Gilberto-
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dc.identifier.citationVERAS, G. C. et al. Effect of photoperiod on locomotor activity, growth, feed efficiency and gonadal development of Nile tilapia. Revista Brasileira de Zootecnia, Viçosa, MG, v. 42, n. 12, p. 844-849, 2013.pt_BR
dc.description.abstractThe objective of this study was to evaluate the effect of photoperiod on locomotor activity, growth and gonadal development in Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) fingerlings. A completely randomised design was used, with five treatments (0L:24D, 6L:18D, 12L:12D, 18L:6D and 24L:0D) and four replicates, with the aquarium as the experimental unit. One hundred and sixty fingerlings of tilapia weighing 3.21±0.05 g and measuring 4.35±0.07 cm each were distributed among 20 aquaria of 20 L in a recirculation system with the temperature controlled to 27 °C, with eight fish per aquarium. Feeding was carried out twice daily for 75 days, with extruded feed containing 40% crude protein. The fingerlings subjected to a photoperiod of 12L:12D as well as those under 18L:6D and 24L:0D showed the greatest locomotor activity, whereas those under 6L:18D and 0L:24D showed the lowest activity. Fish subjected to a photoperiod of 18L:6D and 24L:0D showed the highest levels of performance. However, manipulation of the photoperiod did not influence the gonadal development, survival or the appearance of deformities in juvenile Nile tilapia. Under long photoperiods (18L:6D and 24L:0D), fish direct their energy to somatic growth and induce best feed efficiency.pt_BR
dc.publisherSociedade Brasileira de Zootecniapt_BR
dc.rightsacesso abertopt_BR
dc.sourceRevista Brasileira de Zootecniapt_BR
dc.subjectOreochromis niloticuspt_BR
dc.subjectFeed intakept_BR
dc.subjectLocomotor rhythmpt_BR
dc.subjectSexual maturationpt_BR
dc.subjectTilápia do Nilopt_BR
dc.subjectAtividade locomotorapt_BR
dc.subjectEficiência alimentarpt_BR
dc.subjectDesenvolvimento gonadalpt_BR
dc.titleEffect of photoperiod on locomotor activity, growth, feed efficiency and gonadal development of Nile tilapiapt_BR
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