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Title: Concepções sobre avaliação educacional de intelectuais acadêmicos brasileiros nos anos 1980
Other Titles: Brazilian academic intellectuals’ conceptions of educational evaluation in the 1980s
Concepciones sobre la evaluación educacional de intelectuales académicos brasileños en la década de 1980
Keywords: Avaliação educacional
Intelectuais acadêmicos
Estudos bibliométricos
Análise de conteúdo
Educational evaluation
Academic intellectuals
Bibliometric study
Content analysis
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina
Citation: BORGES, R. M.; ROTHEN, J. C. Concepções sobre avaliação educacional de intelectuais acadêmicos brasileiros nos anos 1980. Revista Perspectiva, v. 37, n. 4, p. 904-929, out./dez. 2019.
Abstract: This paper discusses the educational evaluation field in Brazil based on the conceptions held by Brazilian academic intellectuals who helped in the creation of this knowledge field during the 1980s. To this end, a documental and bibliographical research was performed in combination with bibliometric study strategies and content analysis. The data were organized into two main educational evaluation approaches, one that emphasizes evaluation as a result and the other whose focus is on the process. The conceptions held by the intellectuals in these approaches indicate that evaluation is an inherently human activity and, thus, cannot be reduced to a mechanical action, since it implies a power and negotiation relationship between evaluator and evaluate.
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