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Title: Heuristic Evaluation on Usability of Educational Games: A Systematic Review
Keywords: Education
Educational games
Heuristic evaluation
Jogos Educativos
Avaliação Heurística
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Vilnius University - Institute of Data Science and Digital Technologies
Citation: VIEIRA, E. A. O.; SILVEIRA, A. C. da; MARTINS, R. X. Heuristic Evaluation on Usability of Educational Games: A Systematic Review. Informatics in Education, Vilnius, v. 18, n. 2, p. 427-442, 2019.
Abstract: This work presents a systematic review whose objective was to identify heuristics applicable to the evaluation of the usability of educational games. Heuristics are usability engineering methods that aim to detect problems in the use of a system during its development and / or when its interface is in interaction with the user. Therefore, applying heuristics is an essential part of developing digital educational games. Search sources were articles available in all the databases present in the Capes / MEC / Brazil periodicals portal, in the available languages. The descriptors adopted were "educational games", "heuristic" and "usability" in Boolean search in titles, abstracts and keywords, with AND operator, for publications starting in 2014. The inclusion criteria were: (a) articles with a clear description of the methodology used in the usability analysis; (b) studies presenting primary data and (c) articles whose focus corresponds to the investigated question. Two examiners conducted the searches in the databases and a third the evaluation and general review of the data. Initially, 93 articles were identified, of which 19 were repeated, 5 were literature reviews. Of the 69 that remained, 57 were elected as not eligible with only 12 selected for full studies, of which 6 entered the final review. With this review we can deduce that the field of heuristics and usability for educational games is still little explored, with few specific evaluations validated or in the process of validation, requiring greater investment in the area. Through this review, we found at least one heuristic that meets the usability evaluation of educational software: Game User Experience Satisfaction Scale (GUESS).
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