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Title: Composition and color stability of carbon monoxide treated dried porcine blood
???metadata.dc.creator???: Fontes, P. R.
Gomide, L. A.
Fontes, E. A.
Ramos, E. M.
Ramos, A. L.
Keywords: Dried swine blood
Carbon monoxide
Publisher: American Meat Science Association (AMSA)
Issue Date: 16-Feb-2010
Citation: FONTES, P. R. et al. Composition and color stability of carbon monoxide treated dried porcine blood. Meat Science, Barking, v. 85, n. 3, p. 472-480, Jul. 2010.
Abstract: Color stability of swine blood was studied over 12 weeks of storage in plastic bags, after pH (7.40, 6.70, or 6.00) adjustment, saturation with carbon monoxide (CO) and spray-drying. CO-treated dried blood presented a redder color and higher reflectance between 610 and 700 nm, compared to a brownish-red color and lower reflectance of untreated samples. As indicated by reflectance spectra, blood pH adjustment did not influence (P > 0.05) the initial color of dried blood but influenced (P < 0.05) its color stability (browning index). During storage, CO-treated blood showed a reduction in reflectance percentages as well as in CIE L* and a* values, which was more pronounced in polyethylene (OTR = 4130 cm3/m2/day/atm) packaged samples. After 12 weeks of storage, CO-treated samples packaged in high OTR bags presented color indexes similar to those of the untreated dried samples. CO-treated samples packaged in nylon-polyethylene (OTR = 30–60 cm3/m2/day/atm) bags showed a smaller rate of discoloration and color difference (DE*) between the CO-treated and untreated samples. Even with some darkening, packaging CO-treated dry blood in low OTR bags still gives an acceptable reddish color after 12 weeks of storage while untreated dry blood has a brownish color just after drying.
URI: http://journals.elsevier.com/meat-science
???metadata.dc.language???: en
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