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Title: Correlação espécie-ambiente em descrição e análise da vegetação
Other Titles: Species-environment relationship in description and analysis of vegetation
Keywords: Correlação espécie-ambiente
Species-environment correlation
Issue Date: 2012
Publisher: Centro Científico Conhecer
Citation: FARIA, R. A. V. B. et al. Correlação espécie-ambiente em descrição e análise da vegetação. Enciclopédia Biosfera, Goiânia, v. 8, n.15, p. 528-550, 2012.
Abstract: The Brazil has a great diversity of forest ecosystems. This study aims to survey the general literature on the possible correlations between in the forest structure and environmental variables. Among the environmental factors responsible for the variations in the structure in forest communities, the choice discuss mainly about the water regime, temperature, topography, soil and light conditions. It shows a general trend and the general hypotheses are: (a) the floristic and structure composition of tree communities exhibit patterns of spatial distribution related to the gradients topographic, moisture and soil fertility, and different levels light and (b) the mature trees respond differently to topographic gradients, moisture, soil fertility and light based on the stage of development. Based on studies, it is difficult to compare local studies due to criteria and different species. Therefore, the trends observed in correlations between species distribution and environmental variables require repetition at other places with the goal of the to characterize species with as to the habitat.
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