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metadata.artigo.dc.title: Dynamic behavior of coffee tree branches during mechanical harvest
metadata.artigo.dc.creator: Ferreira Júnior, Luiz de Gonzaga
Silva, Fábio Moreira da
Ferreira, Danton Diego
Souza, Carlos Eduardo Pereira de
Pinto, Andrey Willian Marques
Borges, Fernando Elias de Melo
metadata.artigo.dc.subject: Cafeiculture
Coffee harvesting
Signal processing
Café - Colheita
Colheita mecanizada
Processamento de sinal
metadata.artigo.dc.publisher: Elsevier Jun-2020
metadata.artigo.dc.identifier.citation: FERREIRA JÚNIOR, L. de G. et al. Dynamic behavior of coffee tree branches during mechanical harvest. Computers and Electronics in Agriculture, [S. I.], v. 173, June 2020. DOI:
metadata.artigo.dc.description.abstract: The coffee industry stands out worldwide due to its socioeconomic importance, acting directly or indirectly in the most diverse sectors. With this, new technologies and several harvester models have emerged. These harvesters have regulations that can influence the efficiency of harvesting, the selectivity of fruits and the preservation of the crop. In this way, the understanding of the behavior of harvester components and their dynamic relationship with coffee are essential for mechanical harvesting management and for developing new products. The objective of this work was to obtain the coffee tree branch displacement (in terms of frequency and amplitude of vibration) through instrumentation and signal processing techniques. For this, a low cost system was developed, consisting of an Arduino open source electronic prototyping platform and an accelerometer. The acceleration signals were collected and processed via MatLab. The results showed the complete two-dimensional displacement performed by the coffee tree branches for different harvester settings during the mechanical coffee harvesting. From the vibration displacements of the branches it is possible to unveil the dynamic interaction between machine and coffee tree, contributing to the management of mechanical coffee harvesting and to the development of new vibration harvesting systems.
metadata.artigo.dc.language: en
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