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Title: Estimation of genetic parameters and verification of early selection efficiency in baru (Dipteryx alata)
Other Titles: Estimação de parâmetros genéticos e verificação da eficiência de seleção precoce em Baru (Dipteryx alata)
Keywords: Breeding forest
Age-age correlation
Mixed models
Genetic gains
Melhoramento florestal
Correlação idade-idade
Modelos mistos
Ganhos de seleção
Issue Date: Dec-2014
Publisher: Sociedade Brasileira de Melhoramento de Plantas (SBMP)
Citation: SANTOS, A. M.; ROSADO, S. C. da S.; OLIVEIRA, A. N. Estimation of genetic parameters and verification of early selection efficiency in baru (Dipteryx alata). Crop Breeding and Applied Biotechnology, Viçosa, MG, v. 14, n. 4, p. 238-243, Dec. 2014. DOI: 10.1590/1984-70332014v14n4a37.
Abstract: This study aimed at verifying the efficiency of early selection, and estimating the genetic parameters in Dipteryx alata. The 66 half-sib families were obtained from three seed provenances at the Brazilian Savannah of the state of Minas Gerais. The experiment was carried out in a randomized block design with 3 replications and 5 plants per plot. Data diameters at breast height (DBH) and total height (TH) were taken at the ages of 64, 125 and 138 months. REML/BLUP methodology was applied in the D. alata different provenances and progenies. Analysis indicated significant genetic variability (P < 0.01) between and within provenances. Both traits, DBH and TH, presented high narrow sense heritability for the ages analyzed. High genetic correlation occurred between DBH and TH traits, and between ages (age-age); thus, it allowed indirect selection, as well as early selection with high genetics gains.
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