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Title: Pedotransfer functions for water retention in the main soils from the brazilian coastal plains
Other Titles: Funções de pedotransferência para retenção de água nos principais solos dos tabuleiros costeiros brasileiros
Keywords: Database
Permanent wilting point
Field capacity
Banco de dados
Ponto de murcha permanente
Capacidade de campo
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: Universidade Federal de Lavras
Citation: SILVA, E. da et al. Pedotransfer functions for water retention in the main soils from the brazilian coastal plains. Ciência e Agrotecnologia, Lavras, v. 39, n. 4, p. 331-338, July/Aug. 2015. DOI:
Abstract: Pedotransfer functions (PTFs) are equations used to estimate soil characteristics difficult to determine from other easily obtained ones. Water retention in soil is used in several agronomic and environmental applications, but its direct determination is time consuming and onerous, therefore PTFs are alternatives to obtaining this information more quickly and economically. The aims of this study were to generate a database and develop PTFs for water retention at potentials of -33 kPa (field capacity) and -1500 kPa (permanent wilting point) for Yellow Argisol and Yellow Latosol from the Brazilian Coastal Plains region. The Coastal Plains soils are mostly developed from Barreiras formation (pre-weathered sediments) and their main uses are sugarcane, livestock, forestry and fruticulture. The database to generate the PTFs was composed from the selection of information derived from scientific works and soil survey reports of the region. Specific PTFs were generated for each soil class, in their respective A and B horizons and for solum, through multiple regression by stepwise package of R language programming. Due to the small pedological variability (small number of soil classes containing great geographical expression) and mineralogical uniformity, usually observed in this environment, non-stratification of soil classes to create general PTFs presented similar or superior results compared to equations for each soil class. The adjustment of data demonstrated that water retention values at -33 kPa and -1500 kPa potentials can be estimated with adequate accuracy for the main soils of the Brazilian Coastal Plains through PTFs mainly from particle size distribution and secondarily from organic matter data.
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