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Title: Foucault e o neoliberalismo de subjetividades precárias: incidências na escola pública brasileira
Other Titles: Foucault and the neoliberalism of precarious subjectivities: incidences in the Brazilian public school
Keywords: Neoliberalismo
Escola pública
Public school
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro - UERJ
Citation: CARVALHO, A. F. de. Foucault e o neoliberalismo de subjetividades precárias: incidências na escola pública brasileira. Revista Interinstitucional Artes de Educar, Rio de Janeiro, v. 6, n. 3, p. 935-956, set./dez. 2020. DOI:10.12957/riae.2020.54579.
Abstract: The article investigates how neoliberalism is a contemporary art of producing and governing precarious subjectivities. The hypothesis is that the neoliberal art of governing, when composing what Foucault called a security dispositive, acts straight away to the public school. The purpose of this action is to make subjective power a issue of adaptation for precariousness. Therefore, the precarious public school would function as an institution that adapts its subjects to the precarious neoliberal demands. The article uses economic data to prove this perspective. After all, the article argues that it is urgent for the public school recovering the function of educating against precariousness, asserting itself as a public, secular and free training space for denouncing and resisting the art of neoliberal government.
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