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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
17-Nov-2009Laurdan spectrum decomposition as a tool for the analysis of surface bilayer structure and polarity: a study with DMPG, peptides and cholesterolLúcio, Aline Duarte; Vequi-Suplicy, Cíntia Cristina de; Fernandez, Roberto Morato; Lamy, Maria Teresa Moura
7-Jun-2009Emergence and loss of assortative mating in sympatric speciationRibeiro, Fabiano; Caticha, Nestor
Oct-2009Long-range elastic-mediated interaction between nanoparticles adsorbed on free-standing smectic filmsOliveira, Italo Marcos Nunes de Oliveira; Lyra, Marcelo Leite; Filgueiras, Cleverson; Moraes, Fernando Jorge Sampaio
Apr-2009Forward–backward study of the stereo vision problemMenezes, Fortunato Silva de; Geiger, Davi; Silva, Ricardo Martins Abreu e; Distler, George; Hu, Arefin
2009Crystal stability of diblock copolymer micelles in solutionMolina, John Jairo; Pierleoni, Carlo; Capone, Barbara; Hansen, Jean-Pierre; Oliveira, Igor Saulo Santos de
Feb-2009Boron and nitrogen impurities in SiC nanowiresOliveira, I. S. Santos de; Miwa, R. H.
Mar-2009Systematization of basic divergent integrals in perturbation theory and renormalization group functionsBrito, L. C. T.; Fargnoli, H. G.; Scarpelli, A. P. Baêta; Sampaio, Marcos; Nemes, M. C.
2009DNA-psoralen: single-molecule experiments and first principles calculationsLucio, Aline Duarte; Rocha, Márcio Santos; Alexandre, Simone Silva; Nunes, Ricardo Wagner; Mesquita, Oscar Nassif de
24-Mar-2009Computer simulation applied to the biological control of the insect Aphis gossypii for the parasitoid Lysiphlebus testaceipesSouza, A. A. de; Martins, S. G. F.; Zacarias, M. S.
1-Apr-2009Two-dimensional XXZ-Ising model on a square-hexagon latticeValverde, J. S.; Rojas, Onofre; Souza, S. M. de