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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016A bullet fired in dry water: an investigative activity to learn hydrodynamics conceptsLeitão, Ulisses Azevedo; Silva, Antônio dos Anjos Pinheiro da; Nascimento, Natália Cristina Trindade do; Gervásio, Lilian Mara Benedita da Cruz
May-2014Landau levels, self-adjoint extensions and Hall conductivity on a conePoux, A.; Araújo, L. R. S.; Filgueiras, C.; Moraes, F.
Nov-2015Relativistic quantum dynamics of a neutral particle in external electric fields: an approach on effects of spinAzevedo, F. S.; Silva, Edilberto O.; Castro, Luis B.; Filgueiras, Cleverson; Cogollo, D.
8-May-2015Influence of spatially varying pseudo-magnetic field on a 2D electron gas in grapheneLeite, L. G. da Silva; Filgueiras, C.; Cogollo, D.; Silva, Edilberto O.
25-Sep-20152DEG on a cylindrical shell with a screw dislocationFilgueiras, Cleverson; Silva, Edilberto O.
2015Inertial-Hall effect: the influence of rotation on the Hall conductivityBrandão, Julio E.; Moraes, F.; Cunha, M. M.; Lima, Jonas R. F.; Filgueiras, C.
29-Apr-2015Tuning the Hall conductivity with rotationFilgueiras, C.; Brandão, J.; Moraes, F.
Nov-2013Screw dislocation-induced influence of transverse modes on Hall conductivityLima, André G. de; Poux, Armelle; Assafrão, Denise; Filgueiras, Cleverson
Apr-2013Geometry-induced quantum dots on surfaces with Gaussian bumpsSilva, Kamilla V. R. A.; Freitas, Cesar F. de; Filgueiras, Cleverson
Nov-2015Quantum motion of a point particle in the presence of the Aharonov–Bohm potential in curved spaceSilva, Edilberto O.; Ulhoa, Sérgio C.; Andrade, Fabiano M.; Filgueiras, Cleverson; Amorim, R. G. G.