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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
May-2014Landau levels, self-adjoint extensions and Hall conductivity on a conePoux, A.; Araújo, L. R. S.; Filgueiras, C.; Moraes, F.
Dec-2014Richards-like two species population dynamics modelRibeiro, Fabiano; Cabella, Brenno Caetano Troca; Martinez, Alexandre Souto
1-May-2014Heterogeneous pair-approximation for the contact process on complex networksMata, Angélica S.; Ferreira, Ronan S.; Ferreira, Silvio C.
2014Perturbative calculations in space–time having extra dimensions: the 6D single axial box anomalyFonseca, M. V. S.; Dallabona, G.; Battistel, O. A.
2014Consistency and universality in odd and even dimensional space–time QFT perturbative calculationsBattistel, O. A.; Dallabona, G.
Jan-2014Information criteria: how do they behave in different models?Emiliano, Paulo C.; Vivanco, Mário J. F.; Menezes, Fortunato S. de
Jun-2014News and views: perspectives on graphene and other 2D materials research and technology investmentsRibeiro-Soares, J.; Dresselhaus, M. S.
2014Nuclear magnetic resonance investigation of water accessibility in cellulose of pretreated sugarcane bagasseTsuchida, Jefferson Esquina; Rezende, Camila Alves; Oliveira-Silva, Rodrigo de; Lima, Marisa Aparecida; d’Eurydice, Marcel Nogueira; Polikarpov, Igor; Bonagamba, Tito José
2014Group theory analysis of phonons in two-dimensional transition metal dichalcogenidesRibeiro-Soares, J.; Almeida, R. M.; Barros, E. B.; Araujo, P. T.; Dresselhaus, M. S.; Cançado, L. G.; Jorio, A.
Oct-2014Dual embedding of extended models with a lorentz-breaking mass termFargnoli, H. G.; Brito, L. C. T.; Scarpelli, A. P. Baêta; Sampaio, Marcos