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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Estimation of second season maize yield loss by the spatial variability of the soil physical-water propertiesSobenko, Luiz Ricardo; Armindo, Robson André; Wolff, Wagner; Costa, Jéfferson de Oliveira; Miranda, Jarbas Honório de; Duarte, Sérgio Nascimento
Nov-2019Physical assessment of a Haplohumox soil under integrated crop-livestock systemReis, Aline Mari Huf dos; Armindo, Robson André; Pires, Luiz Fernando
2019Performance of the Groenevelt and grant model for fitting soil water retention data from brazilian soilsArmindo, Robson André; Van Lier, Quirijn de Jong; Turek, Maria Eliza; Reis, Aline Mari Huf dos; Melo, Marina Luciana Abreu de; Ramos, Maria Elisa Palma; Ono, Gabriela Massame
1-Aug-2019Spent coffee grounds as organic amendment modify hydraulic properties in a sandy loam Brazilian soilTurek, Maria Eliza; Freitas, Karllas Stival; Armindo, Robson André
1-Dec-2019Alternative approach to calculate soil hydraulic-energy-indices and -functionsArmindo, Robson André; Wendroth, Ole
Aug-2019A method to determine the soil bulk density of undisturbed samples with non-isodiametric shapeFreitas, Karllas Stival; Armindo, Robson André; Pires, Luiz Fernando; Swinka Filho, Vitoldo; Ribeiro Júnior, Sebastião
Jul-2019Development of a low-cost automated calorimeter for determining soil specific heatMoreno, Rodrigo Oliveira; Armindo, Robson André; Moreno, Robson Luiz
Feb-2020Splintex 2.0: A physically-based model to estimate water retention and hydraulic conductivity parameters from soil physical dataSilva, Alessandra Calegari da; Armindo, Robson André; Prevedello, Celso Luiz
May-2020Soil water and fuel permeability of a Cambisol in southern Brazil and its spatial behavior: A case studyMaduro, Letícia Gonçalves; Armindo, Robson André; Turek, Maria Eliza; Wendroth, Ole
Oct-2020Utilizing Splintex 2.0 for estimating the soil hydraulic conductivity curve measured with instantaneous profile methodSilva, Alessandra Calegari da; Armindo, Robson André; Prevedello, Celso Luiz