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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Heterobimetallic Dy-Cu coordination compound as a classical-quantum ferrimagnetic chain of regularly alternating Ising and Heisenberg spinsTorrico, J.; Strecka, J.; Hagiwara, M.; Rojas, O.; Souza, S. M. de; Han, Y.; Honda, Z.; Lyra, M. L.
Jan-2018Quasi-phases and pseudo-transitions in one-dimensional models with nearest neighbor interactionsSouza, S. M. de; Rojas, Onofre
1-Nov-2018Quantum entanglement in the neighborhood of pseudo-transition for a spin-1/2 Ising-XYZ diamond chainCarvalho, I. M.; Torrico, J.; Souza, S. M. de; Rojas, M.; Rojas, O.
Apr-2017Geometrically frustrated Cairo pentagonal lattice stripe with ising and heisenberg exchange interactionsRodrigues, F. C.; Souza, S. M. de; Rojas, Onofre
Nov-2017Thermal entanglement in a spin-1/2 Ising-XYZ distorted diamond chain with the second-neighbor interaction between nodal Ising spinsRojas, Onofre; Rojas, M.; Souza, S. M. de; Torrico, J.; Strečka, J.; Lyra, M. L.
Feb-2017Entangled state teleportation through a couple of quantum channels composed of dimers in an Ising- diamond chainRojas, M.; Souza, S. M. de; Rojas, Onofre
Oct-2016Zero temperature non-plateau magnetization and magnetocaloric effect in an Ising-XYZ diamond chain structureTorrico, J.; Rojas, M.; Souza, S. M. de; Rojas, Onofre
Nov-2016Thermal entanglement and sharp specific-heat peak in an exactly solved spin-1/2 Ising-Heisenberg ladder with alternating Ising and Heisenberg inter-leg couplingsRojas, Onofre; Strečka, J.; Souza, S. M. de