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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Inertial and topological effects on a 2D electron gasBrandão, J.; Filgueiras, C.; Rojas, Moises
2017An attempt to unify some population growth models from first principlesRibeiro, Fabiano L.
2017Social interaction and the city: the effect of space on the reduction of entropyNetto, Vinicius M.; Meirelles, Joao; Ribeiro, Fabiano L.
2017Change detection in forests and savannas using statistical analysis based on geographical objectsLeite, Lucilia Rezende; Carvalho, Luis Marcelo Tavares de; Silva, Fortunato Menezes da
Oct-2017Different plant biomass characterizations for biochar productionVeiga, Tais Regina Lima Abreu; Lima, José Tarcísio; Dessimoni, Anelise Lima de Abreu; Pego, Matheus Felipe Freire; Soares, Jenaina Ribeiro; Trugilho, Paulo Fernando
2016Momentum distributions in light halo nuclei and structure constraintsSouza, L. A.; Bellotti, F. F.; Frederico, T.; Yamashita, M. T.; Tomio, Lauro
May-2015Lifespan method as a tool to study criticality in absorbing-state phase transitionsMata, Angélica S.; Boguñá, Marian; Castellano, Claudio; Pastor-Satorras, Romualdo
Jan-2015Multiple phase transitions of the susceptible-infected-susceptible epidemic model on complex networksMata, Angélica S.; Ferreira, Silvio C.
1-May-2014Heterogeneous pair-approximation for the contact process on complex networksMata, Angélica S.; Ferreira, Ronan S.; Ferreira, Silvio C.
May-2018Cidade e interação: o papel do espaço urbano na organização socialNetto, Vinicius M.; Meirelles, João; Ribeiro, Fabiano L.