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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Mar-2019Correlation functions for a spin-1/2 Ising-XYZ diamond chain: Further evidence for quasi-phases and pseudo-transitionsCarvalho, I. M.; Torrico, J.; Souza, S. M. de; Rojas, Onofre; Derzhko, Oleg
Dec-2019Tree-level processes in very special relativityBufalo, Rodrigo Santos; Bufalo, Tatiana Cardoso e
Sep-2019Thermal effects of very special relativity quantum electrodynamicsBufalo, Rodrigo Santos; Ghasemkhani, M.
1-Aug-2019Spent coffee grounds as organic amendment modify hydraulic properties in a sandy loam Brazilian soilTurek, Maria Eliza; Freitas, Karllas Stival; Armindo, Robson André
Nov-2019Physical assessment of a Haplohumox soil under integrated crop-livestock systemReis, Aline Mari Huf dos; Armindo, Robson André; Pires, Luiz Fernando
2019Performance of the Groenevelt and grant model for fitting soil water retention data from brazilian soilsArmindo, Robson André; Van Lier, Quirijn de Jong; Turek, Maria Eliza; Reis, Aline Mari Huf dos; Melo, Marina Luciana Abreu de; Ramos, Maria Elisa Palma; Ono, Gabriela Massame
Jul-2019Development of a low-cost automated calorimeter for determining soil specific heatMoreno, Rodrigo Oliveira; Armindo, Robson André; Moreno, Robson Luiz
1-Dec-2019Alternative approach to calculate soil hydraulic-energy-indices and -functionsArmindo, Robson André; Wendroth, Ole
Aug-2019A method to determine the soil bulk density of undisturbed samples with non-isodiametric shapeFreitas, Karllas Stival; Armindo, Robson André; Pires, Luiz Fernando; Swinka Filho, Vitoldo; Ribeiro Júnior, Sebastião
2019Universality and quasicritical exponents of one-dimensional models displaying a quasitransition at finite temperaturesRojas, Onofre; Strečka, Jozef; Lyra, Marcelo Leite; Souza, Sergio Martins de
2019Tuning the thermal entanglement in a Ising-XXZ diamond chain with two impuritiesCarvalho, I. M.; Rojas, O.; Souza, S. M. de; Rojas, M.
1-Mar-2019Geometrically frustrated Ising-Heisenberg spin model on expanded Kagomé latticeRojas, Onofre
1-Jan-2019Anomalous spin frustration enforced by a magnetoelastic coupling in the mixed-spin Ising model on decorated planar latticesStrečka, Jozef; Rebič, Matúš; Rojas, Onofre; Souza, Sergio Martins de
4-Apr-2019Absence of a spontaneous long-range order in a mixed spin-(1/2, 3/2) Ising model on a decorated square lattice due to anomalous spin frustration driven by a magnetoelastic couplingStrecka, Jozef; Rojas, Onofre; Souza, Sergio Martins de
2019Optical absorption in complexes of abasic DNA with noble-metal nanoclusters by first principles calculationsCarvalho, L. C. de; Silveira, O. J.; Longuinhos, R.; Nunes, R. W.; Alexandre, S. S.
2019Microelectronic sensor for continuous glucose monitoringNascimento, Raphael Aparecido Sanches; Mulato, Marcelo
Aug-2019Temperature-dependent phonon dynamics of supported and suspended monolayer tungsten diselenideCarvalho, Thais C. V.; Araujo, Francisco D. V.; Santos, Clenilton Costa dos; Alencar, Luciana M. R.; Ribeiro-Soares, Jenaina; Late, Dattatray J.; Lobo, Anderson Oliveira; Souza Filho, Antonio Gomes; Alencar, Rafael S.; Viana, Bartolomeu C.
Feb-2020Raman spectrum of layered jacutingaite (Pt2HgSe3) crystals—Experimental and theoretical studyLonguinhos, Raphael; Vymazalova, Anna; Cabral, Alexandre Raphael; Alexandre, Simone Silva; Nunes, Ricardo Wagner; Ribeiro-Soares, Jenaina
Aug-2019Probing spatial phonon correlation length in post-transition metal Monochalcogenide GaS using tip-enhanced Raman spectroscopyAlencar, Rafael Silva; Rabelo, Cassiano; Miranda, Hudson Luiz Silva de; Vasconcelos, Thiago de Lourenço e; Oliveira, Bruno Santos de; Ribeiro, Aroldo; Públio, Bruno C.; Ribeiro-Soares, Jenaina; Souza Filho, Antonio Gomes de; Cançado, Luiz Gustavo; Jorio, Ado
Feb-2019Monitoring the applied strain in monolayer gallium selenide through vibrational spectroscopies: a first-principles investigationLonguinhos, Raphael; Soares, Jenaina Ribeiro
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 186