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Title: Adicionar dejetos suínos por 17 anos em área agrícola causa poluição por cádmio?
Other Titles: Adding drawings of pigs for 17 years in agricultural areas causes cadmium pollution?
Keywords: Segurança alimentar
Dejetos suínos - Poluição
Solos - Poluição
Solos - Efeito do cádmio
Latossolo vermelho
Food security
Swine manure - Pollution
Soils - Pollution
Soils - Cadmium effect
Trace element
Red oxissol
Issue Date: Aug-2020
Publisher: Brazilian Journals Publicações de Periódicos e Editora Ltda
Citation: CANTÃO, V. C. G. et al. Adicionar dejetos suínos por 17 anos em área agrícola causa poluição por cádmio? Brazilian Journal of Development, Curitiba, v. 6, n. 8, p. 60904-60915, Aug. 2020.
Abstract: Agriculture leads the population to question the most diverse. These include environmental impacts, quality of life and food security. The addition of swine manure (DLS) in agricultural areas is an interesting alternative for the production of foods, since they present essential elements such as nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K). But, are the doses of DLS applied adequate to maintain the quality of soil, plants and water (water table and source for animals) with respect to the presence of cadmium (Cd)? In order to answer this question, the objective was to quantify the levels of Cd in soil, soybean and corn plants and in percolated water of agricultural area that received the addition of DLS in increasing doses for 17 consecutive years. Soil and corn plants were collected, soil in the 0-20 and 20-40 cm layers and water (daily) in plots where swine manures and mineral fertilizers were added. The Cd content was quantified by atomic absorption with graphite furnace. The results obtained allow us to demystify the popular idea that "swine manure is an environmental pollutant", since the contents of Cd in all the samples evaluated are below the regulated levels.
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