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Title: Das infâncias estriadas às infâncias lisas: experimentar trajetos de arte na educação
Other Titles: From the striated childhoods to the smooth childhoods: experiencing art paths on education
Keywords: Infância
Issue Date: Aug-2021
Publisher: Universidade Federal de Santa Maria
Citation: CARVALHO, A. F. de. Das infâncias estriadas às infâncias lisas: experimentar trajetos de arte na educação. Revista Digital do LAV, Santa Maria, v. 14, n. 2, p. 07–29, maio/ago. 2021. DOI: 10.5902/1983734865645.
Abstract: This paper investigates the theory of striated and smooth paths initially proposed by Deleuze and Guattari, but it expands based on Guattari's thought. It is argued that there are two types of experiences with childhood: striated and smooth. The hypothesis is that striated childhood comes from the subjective modeling path policy whose synthesis of domination is located in the State. By contrast, there is a smooth childhood, giving rise to the singular experiences based on paths of a vortical spiral and experimentation policy. In both cases, there is a subjective formation in question whose reception of art is necessary for a subjective formation of striated or smooth childhood. For this purpose, a literature review regarding its theoretical scope has been undertaken. As a result, it is argued that there is an urgent need to outbreak a childhood smoothing policy in order to interpose, in the field of Education and Art, to the subjective modeling of domination.
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