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Title: Fermentation of Coffea canephora inoculated with yeasts: microbiological, chemical, and sensory characteristics
Keywords: Conilon coffee
Coffee quality
Meyerozyma caribbica
Pichia kluyveri
Café conilon
Café - Qualidade
Issue Date: Sep-2021
Publisher: Elsevier
Citation: SILVA, B. L. da et al. Fermentation of Coffea canephora inoculated with yeasts: microbiological, chemical, and sensory characteristics. Food Microbiology, London, v. 98, 103786, Sept. 2021. DOI: 10.1016/
Abstract: This work aimed to evaluate Coffea canephora's microbiological, chemical, and sensory characteristics at 300 and 600 m elevation plantations processed by the natural method inoculated with yeasts. The coffee was spread on suspended terraces and sprayed with approximately 107 cfu/mL of Meyerozyma caribbica CCMA 1738 or Pichia kluyveri CCMA 1743, separately. Cherries containing bark and parchment were collected during fermentation for microbial groups counting, qPCR, quantification of organic acids, and sugars (HPLC). Volatile compounds (GC–MS) and sensory analyses, cupping test with expert coffee tasters and triangular test with consumers, were performed on roasted coffee beans. The inoculated yeasts persisted during the entire fermentation process. M. caribbica reduced the filamentous fungal population by 63% and 90% in the 300- and 600-m coffees, respectively. The 300-m coffee fruits showed higher concentrations of organic acids in all fermentation times when compared to the 600-m reaching out to 8 times more. Twenty-four volatile compounds were identified in the roasted coffee beans, with the predominance of pyrazines. The 600-m coffee inoculated with M. caribbica showed an increase of more than one point in the score given by certified tasters. Consumers noticed the M. caribbica inoculation in the 300- and 600-m-elevation coffees. M. caribbica is a promising starter culture for Conilon coffee with the potential to increase the beverage quality.
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