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Title: Gallic and vanillic acids as promising succinate dehydrogenase inhibitors and antigenotoxic agents
Keywords: Antigenotoxic compounds
DNA fragmentation
Enzymatic inhibition
Molecular docking
Phenolic compounds
Snake venom
Compostos antigenotóxicos
Fragmentação de DNA
Inibição enzimática
Compostos fenólicos
Veneno de cobra
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: Springer
Citation: ABREU, T. S. de et al. Gallic and vanillic acids as promising succinate dehydrogenase inhibitors and antigenotoxic agents. Revista Brasileira de Farmacognosia, São Paulo, v. 31, 779–787, 2021. DOI: 10.1007/s43450-021-00218-6.
Abstract: The influence of gallic and vanillic acids in the activity of succinate dehydrogenase employing in silico and in vitro analyses was evaluated. Additionally, the capacity of gallic and vanillic acids to prevent damage in DNA molecules induced by snake venom was also evaluated through comet assay and electrophoresis. These phenolic compounds partially inhibited the genotoxic activity induced by the venoms of Lachesis muta muta and Bothrops atrox in the proportion of 1:0.5 (w/w). The antigenotoxic action of these phenolics was confirmed by the comet test performed on human leukocytes, in which vanillic acid showed greater inhibition when incubated with B. atrox venom. These results suggest the presence of reversible molecular interactions between the toxins present in the snake venoms and phenolic acids, since no changes were observed in the profile of toxin migration when evaluated by electrophoresis. In silico studies showed the mean interactions between gallic, vanillic, malonic, and oxaloacetic acid and the succinate dehydrogenase enzyme. In addition, the score energy value was more favorable for the gallic acid. Thus, vanillic and gallic acids stand out as alternative chemicals to protect DNA molecules against the action of genotoxic agents as well as the tissue damage caused by uncontrolled immune system.
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