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Title: Composition and functional properties of banana tree male inflorescence flour
Keywords: Musa
Drying method
Physical-chemical analysis
Issue Date: 2022
Publisher: Taylor and Francis Online
Citation: NOGUEIRA, P. V. et al. Composition and functional properties of banana tree male inflorescence flour. Journal of Culinary Science & Technology, [S.l.], 2022.
Abstract: The purpose of this paper is to physical-chemical characterize of male inflorescence of Prata-Anã and Grande Naine cultivars, and their respective flours. Three drying methods were used to prepare the flours: F1- drying in a forced-air oven at 40°C/30 hours; F2- at 60°C/24 hours and F3- conventional oven at 120°C/45 minutes. The banana tree male inflorescence has a high moisture content, significant amount of fiber and reduced caloric value, cv. Prata-Anã stood out in crude protein and crude fiber values. Grande Naine F2 and F3 flours was higher in antioxidant potential, the F3 flours was better in total phenolics.
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