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Title: Screening coffee genotypes for brown eye spot resistance in Brazil
Keywords: Coffee - Disease resistant
Plant breeding
Cercospora coffeicola
Brown eye spot
Café - Resistência a doenças e pragas
Melhoramento genético de plantas
Issue Date: Jan-2022
Publisher: Public Library of Science (PLoS)
Citation: RAMOS, J. B. et al. Screening coffee genotypes for brown eye spot resistance in Brazil. PLoS ONE, San Francisco, v. 17, n. 1, e0258822, 2022. DOI:
Abstract: Several researchers have attempted to develop coffee plants that are resistant to brown eye spot (BES); however, no coffee cultivars are resistant to the disease. In the present study, a blend of strains from Cercospora coffeicola was inoculated into 19 Brazilian commercial cultivars and 41 accessions from the Germplasm Collection of Minas Gerais to evaluate the genetic resistance ability within the population and select superior genotypes for the breeding program. After predicting the genotypic values of the estudied material, the evaluations number necessary for selecting genotypes with accuracy and efficiency was determined based on the data of severity to BES. The action of defense mechanisms plant was also investigated by assessing the levels of total soluble phenolic compounds and soluble lignin in contrasting genotypes for disease susceptibility. Based on the results, the accession MG 1207 Sumatra, had an intrinsic genetic capacity to maintain low levels of severity to BES. The genotype MG 1207 Sumatra can substantially contribute to the development of new cultivars, which may lead to the reduced use of pesticides. According to the accuracy and efficiency results obtained, four evaluations BES severity are sufficient to achieve accuracy, providing expressive genetic gains. Finally, the levels of lignin and phenolic compounds were not found to be associated with the resistance of coffee genotypes to BES.
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