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metadata.eventos.dc.title: Elaboração de um banco de dados geográficos sobre a produção de leite do gado Holandês no Estado de Minas Gerais
metadata.eventos.dc.creator: Hott, Marcos Cicarini
Costa, Cláudio Napolis
Souza, Roberto Carlos Nalon
Furtado, Thiago Bellotti
Souza, Milla Albuquerque de
metadata.eventos.dc.subject: Holstein livestock
Territorial analysis
Gado holandês
Banco de dados geográficos
Análise territorial 25-Apr-2009
metadata.eventos.dc.identifier.citation: HOTT, M. C. et al. Elaboração de um banco de dados geográficos sobre a produção de leite do gado Holandês no Estado de Minas Gerais. In: SIMPÓSIO BRASILEIRO DE SENSORIAMENTO REMOTO, 24., 2009, Natal. Anais...Natal: INPE, 2009. p. 3921-3926.
metadata.eventos.dc.description.abstract: This work aimed to elaborate a geodatabase for territorial analysis of milk production profile of Holstein livestock in Minas Gerais State. This information is of strategic importance for the dairy chain, since they can support the decision-making on the expansion of Holstein livestock and investments in dairy agroindustry. The arrangement presented by spatial database model of ArcGIS allows the establishment of a robust link between geometry and tabular data, evenwith large amount and complexity. The definition of key access as the municipal code supplied by the IBGE (Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics) allowed the junction of the database to polygons of the counties, indicating the milk production, milked cows, lactation, productivity, and herd age in lactation, as well asregions that do not have data registries about Holstein livestock herds. The geodatabase also enables the grouping ofinformation by micro-regions, which indicate as are distributed herds, and what is its productive profile. In accordance with the geodatabase and territorial analysis the Conselheiro Lafaiete and Pouso Alegre micro-regions stand out in terms of productivity. This spatial database is intended to support actions of CILeite (Intelligence Center of the Milk) in the disclosureof analytical information to producers, farmers associations, cooperatives, companies and researchers.
metadata.eventos.dc.language: pt_BR
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