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Title: Experiências de avaliação institucional em universidades brasileiras: a produção científica dos anos 1990
Other Titles: Institutional evaluation experiences in brazilian universities: the scientific production of the 1990’S
Experiencias de evaluación institucional en universidades brasileñas: producción científica de los años 1990
Keywords: Avaliação institucional
Educação superior
Análise bibliográfica
Institutional evaluation
Higher education
Bibliographic analysis
Issue Date: 2022
Publisher: Universidade Federal do Maranhão
Citation: BORGES, R. M.; BRANDALISE, M. A. T. Experiências de avaliação institucional em universidades brasileiras: a produção científica dos anos 1990. Cadernos de Pesquisa, São Luís, v. 29, n. 2, abr./jun. 2022. DOI: 10.18764/2178-2229v29n2.2022.34.
Abstract: This paper aimed to analyze the Brazilian scientifi c production on the institutional evaluation expe-riences published in scientifi c journals in the area of Education throughout the 1990s.The text is a cutoff of a postdoctoral research, of bibliographic character, whose object of investigation was the systematic literature review of the scientific production on the evaluation of Higher Education in Brazil, from 1990 to 2019. The mapping of productions was carried out at the Educ@ portal, which belongs to the Carlos Chagas Founda-tion, and in the portals of institutional journals, being used as search descriptors the following expressions in Portuguese: avaliação institucional [institutional evaluation], avaliação da educação superior [higher education evaluation] e avaliação do ensino superior [higher education evaluation]. It was found 415 articles on the re-searched theme, distributed in 32 journals in the area, which were classified into 13 thematic axes. Of these articles, 82 deal with institutional evaluation experiences, of which 25 were published in the 1990s, which was marked as the decade of evaluation in Brazil. The choice of the analysis of the 25 articles is justified by the relevance of these publications to the field of evaluation in Higher Education, in particular by theoretical pro-duction from the pioneering experiences of institutional evaluation carried out in the Brazilian Higher Education institutions. The analysis undertaken brings: the conceptions on institutional evaluation present in the articles; the methodological procedures adopted in the evaluation processes; the resistances found in the development of the evaluations and the attempts to create an evaluation culture; the main references that underlie the an-alyzed articles.
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