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Title: Human exposure to Salmonella spp from dog food containing raw meat - systematic review
Other Titles: Exposição de humanos à Salmonella spp a partir de alimentos para cães contendo carne crua - revisão sistemática
Keywords: Food safety
Public health
Raw diet
Segurança alimentar
Saúde pública
Dieta crua
Animais de companhia
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: Universidade de São Paulo
Citation: REIS, J. S. dos et al. Human exposure to Salmonella spp from dog food containing raw meat - systematic review. Brazilian Journal of Veterinary Research and Animal Science, São Paulo, v. 54, n. 4, p. 306-318, 2017.
Abstract: Feeding dogs raw meat diets is an increasingly popular trend, and when contaminated with Salmonella they may present a risk to the health of both animals and humans. The present investigation is a systematic review of literature to assess the frequency of raw meat diets for dogs contaminated with Salmonella and whether dogs consuming these diets can eliminate it in their faeces. A search was made using two databases: “Web of Knowledge” and “PubMed” in January 2015. Only studies related to raw food diets and consumption by dogs were included. Thirteen articles were selected after refining the search. In 11 studies microbiological analysis was conducted for Salmonella in diets containing raw meat, so that in four of these studies Salmonella in the faeces was also analysed. In the analysis of 679 raw meat diets 141 diets (20.76%) were contaminated with Salmonella, in which the serotype most commonly found was S. Typhimurium (24.60%). Of the studies that reported the number of dogs that eliminated Salmonella in faeces after consumption of diets containing raw meat, 141 faecal samples were analysed, of which 73 (51.77%) were contaminated with Salmonella and the serotype most commonly found was S. Newport (72.60%). The available data suggest that the owners who feed their animals with diets containing contaminated raw meat, either commercial or homemade, are exposed to risk of Salmonella contamination, either by the manipulation of food or by handling the dog’s stool.Keywords: Food safety. Public health. Raw diet. Pet. Salmonella. Zoonosis.
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