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Title: Diagnóstico de propriedades leiteiras e fatores associados à qualidade higiênico sanitária do leite
Other Titles: Diagnosis of dairy properties and factors associated with sanitary hygienic of milk quality
Diagnóstico de las propiedades lecheras y los factores asociados con la calidad higiénica sanitaria de la leche
Keywords: Agricultura familiar
Bovinocultura leiteira
Leite - Qualidade
Instrução Normativa nº 62
Family farming
Dairy cattle
Milk - Quality
Normative Instruction nº 62
Issue Date: Feb-2020
Publisher: Pubvet/ MV Valero Editora-me
Citation: REIS, E. M. B. et al. Diagnóstico de propriedades leiteiras e fatores associados à qualidade higiênico sanitária do leite. PubVet, Maringá, v. 14, n. 2, p. 1-15, fev. 2020. DOI:
Abstract: The purpose of this work was to carry out the diagnosis of 20 dairy cattle properties in system of family economy, aiming the characterization of productive factors and their associations the aspects related to the quality of milk. All properties are located in the micro-region of Alto Rio Grande, southern Minas Gerais. The data were collected from a semi-structured form, containing 97 questions, in the period from March to June 2016. After collection, the data were registered in Sphinx software®. The parameters used to assess the quality of milk were the somatic cell count (SCC), total bacterial count (CBT), protein and fat. The existence of association between the dependent factors (CCS, CBT, protein and fat) and independent (the remaining questions of the form) has been verified using two types of test: Student's t-test, when the independent variable was qualitative; and the Pearson correlation coefficient or Spearman, when the independent variable was quantitative. No statistics differences were found (P > 0.05) in the medium of CCS, CBT, protein and fat between the categories of independent qualitative variables. Significant correlations were observed between time in the dairy activity and fat (p = 0.019; r = -0.547) and between CBT and temperature (P = 0.000; r = 0.853). Some factors observed during the survey, as high CCS and CBT, demonstrate the need for improved management within the properties analyzed so that they can meet the quality requirements of Normative 62.
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