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Title: Porcine follicular fluid concentration of free insulin-like growth factor-I collected from different diameter ovarian follicles
Other Titles: Concentração do fator de crescimento semelhante à insulina tipo I no fluido folicular suíno coletado a partir de folículos ovarianos de diferentes diâmetros
Keywords: Swine - Reproduction
Follicular development
Ovarian morphometry
Suíno - Reprodução
Desenvolvimento folicular
Morfometria ovariana
Issue Date: Oct-2013
Publisher: Colégio Brasileiro de Patologia Animal - CBPA
Citation: OBERLENDER, G. et al. Porcine follicular fluid concentration of free insulin-like growth factor-I collected from different diameter ovarian follicles. Pesquisa Veterinária Brasileira, Rio de Janeiro, v. 33, n. 10, p. 1269-1274, out. 2013.
Abstract: The study aimed to quantify the concentrations of free IGF-I in serum and fluid of ovarian follicles in pre-pubertal gilts and describe the ovarian morphology by measuring the size of the ovaries and counting the number of surface follicles. Ovaries (n=1,000) from pre-pubertal gilts were obtained immediately after slaughter. A total of 10 samplings were performed, with ovaries obtained from 50 females for each collection. The follicles situated on the surface of each ovary were classified as small (SFs, 2 to 5mm in diameter) or large (LFs 6 to 10mm in diameter) and the follicular fluid was obtained by follicle aspiration. The collection of serum samples was performed after the gilts exsanguination using sterile tubes. From the pool of serum and follicular fluid obtained from 50 females, the concentration of free IGF-I was determined in each sample using an enzyme immunoassay kit (ELISA). The description of ovarian morphometry was performed in 100 ovaries from randomly selected gilts. The larger and smaller lengths of ovaries were measured, and the total number of SFs and LFs present on the surface of each ovary were also counted. The IGF-I concentration was greater (P<0.05) in LFs (170.92±88.29 ng/mL) compared with SFs (67.39±49.90ng/mL) and serum (73.48±34.63ng/mL). The largest and smallest length of the ovaries was 26.0±3.0 and 19.0mm ±2.0mm, respectively. The number of SFs (70.86±25.76) was greater (P<0.01) than LFs (6.54±5.26). The study concluded that LFs present greater levels of IGF-I when compared with SFs and blood, which is related to increased activity of the LFs and its differentiation to ovulation. In addition, ovaries of pre-pubertal gilts have a higher number of SFs compared to LFs. Therefore, our study demonstrated unique data regarding the physiological concentration of free IGF-I in ovarian follicles, that can be used in future research to evaluate the addition of this hormone in the in vitro production media of porcine embryos with the goal to improve the technique efficiency.
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