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Title: Bacteriologia do sêmen suíno - aspectos relacionados: revisão de literatura
Other Titles: Boar semen bacteriology – aspects relating: a review
Keywords: Bacteriospermia
Contaminação bacteriana
Inseminação artificial
Issue Date: 2013
Citation: OBERLENDER, G. et al. Bacteriologia do sêmen suíno - aspectos relacionados: revisão de literatura. Revista Científica Eletrônica de Medicina Veterinária, Garça, v. 11, n. 20, jan. 2013. Disponível em: < >. Acesso em: 10 abr. 2013.
Abstract: The increasing use of artificial insemination (AI) in pigs has caused questions related to pig farms reproductive health and biosecurity became important and essential for good success of the production, since the presence of disease in the herd decreases the profitability of the business. Related to this fact, the quality and quantity analysis of the semen produced by a boar are of great importance, being a critical step to the success of AI programs. One important aspect in assessing the boar semen quality refers to bacterial contamination. This happens because exists the transmission of pathogens possibility through the ejaculate and which, with the use of AI, this transmission occurs in a greater number of females and may lead to losses in the productive chain as a whole, but mainly in the animals reproduction. Thus, this review aimed to discuss some important aspects related to bacteriological quality of boar semen used in AI.
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