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Title: The essential role of spontaneous and starter yeasts in cocoa and coffee fermentation
Keywords: Yeasts
Cocoa fermentation
Coffee fermentation
Issue Date: 2023
Publisher: Oxford Academic
Citation: SCHWAN, R. F. et al. The essential role of spontaneous and starter yeasts in cocoa and coffee fermentation. FEMS Yeast Research, [S.l.], v. 23, 2023.
Abstract: Yeasts are important microorganisms used in different fermentation processes. The cocoa beans must go through a correct fermentation process to obtain good-quality chocolate, which involves the action of yeasts and bacteria, and yeasts play a crucial role since they act in the first days of fermentation. In coffee, several studies have shown that the microbiota in the fruits is also a relevant factor. The fermentation process (regardless of the processing type) improves the beverage’s quality. In this sense, studies using starter cultures in these two raw materials are important for better control of the process, and optimization of fermentation time, in addition to the improvement and diversification of volatile and non-volatile compounds produced by yeasts. Thus, this review discusses the importance and role of yeasts during fermentation, their metabolism, the produced compounds, and how yeast and the different chemical reactions help increase the quality of chocolate and coffee.
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