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Title: From woman to woman: consumption vulnerability and responsible innovation in transport network companies
Keywords: Vulnerability of consumption
Responsible innovation
Female vulnerability
Transport network companies
Female safety
Issue Date: 2023
Publisher: Taylor and Francis Online
Citation: SILVA, L. M. C. et al. From woman to woman: consumption vulnerability and responsible innovation in transport network companies. Innovation: The European Journal of Social Science Research, [S.l.], 2023.
Abstract: Transport Network Companies (TNC) present challenges for women's safety during the service experience. Employing women drivers as part of Responsible Innovation (RI) can help mitigate Vulnerability of Consumption (VC) in this sector. However, women are often overlooked in research and practice of conventional transport planning. This study aims to analyse the vulnerability of female consumers of mobility applications and explore their perceptions regarding factors that affect VC and the inclusion of women drivers in the context of RI. The research utilizes a qualitative approach and a case study method, involving participant observation of mobility services and interviews with women residing in student housing affiliated with a Brazilian university. The findings indicate that Structural Factors - Social, Environmental, and Market - significantly influence the VC experienced by the women surveyed. Many participants expressed a preference for female drivers. However, the efforts to incorporate women drivers are slow and limited. Integrating RI principles is crucial for driving innovation and reducing VC.
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