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Title: Instagram in the modest fashion market: analysis by the perspective of sociotechnical structures
Keywords: Market-thinking infrastructures
Market devices
Market construction
Social media
Infraestruturas pensantes de mercado
Dispositivos de mercado
Construção de mercado
Mídias sociais
Issue Date: 2023
Publisher: ANPAD
Citation: BECHERI, J. de O. et al. Instagram in the modest fashion market: analysis by the perspective of sociotechnical structures. Revista de Administração Contemporânea, [S.l.], v. 27, n. 4, 2023.
Abstract: Objective: we aim to understand Instagram's sociotechnical role in the modest fashion market in Brazil, proposing a theoretical-empirical model to analyze this social media as a market-thinking infrastructure. Theoretical framework: the research is based on market-thinking infrastructure studies recently incorporated into the marketing area. Method: in this research, two techniques were used for data collection: (a) semi-structured and in-depth interviews with 27 agents of the modest fashion market and (b) non-participant observation on Instagram. Results: the results demonstrate that Instagram offers an infrastructure that mediates and standardizes interactions between market actors, allowing the construction of the modest fashion market, once seen as stigmatized. Instagram's infrastructure establishes rules that will dictate users' (market actors) success (or exercised power) in the network and, consequently, in the market. Although it is impossible to carry out monetary transactions through Instagram in Brazil, it offers various material devices that encourage economic exchanges. Conclusions: this study contributes to the market-thinking infrastructures literature by showing how the standardization designed to "neutralize the network's power of agency" in users' actions ends up having the opposite effect, (re)affirming its political and symbolic elements. Instagram can be considered a democratic space if its users understand and apply its neoliberals rules.
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