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Title: Momentos formativos e fazer pedagógico nas palavras de professoras alfabetizadoras
Other Titles: Formative moments and pedagogical doingin the words ofliteracy teachers
Keywords: Formação de professores alfabetizadores
Literacy teacher training
Issue Date: 2023
Publisher: Universidade Federal de São Carlos
Citation: AZARIAS, L. de S. T.; GOULART, I. do C. V.; CABRAL, G. R. Momentos formativos e fazer pedagógico nas palavras de professoras alfabetizadoras. Revista Eletrônica de Educação, [S.l.], v. 17, p. 1-21, jan./dez. 2023.
Abstract: Recent initiatives for continuing teacher education Pró-Letramento(2008-2010), National Pact for Literacy in the Right Age (2012-2018) have seen the mobilization of collaborative spaces for theoretical and conceptual studies, for the integration of knowledge and socialization of educational practices. Investigating how these training actions are perceived by teachers allows us to understand their influence on the practices developed in the schools. Therefore, this work aimedto analyze the moments that marked the formative path and pedagogical practices developed by literacy teachers.Therefore, field researchwas developed, with a qualitative approach, based on a semi-structured interview with six literacy teachers from public schools in a municipality in the south of Minas Gerais, in order to understand their perceptions about their own education. experienced. Data were treated using the technique of content analysis and thematic categorization proposed by Bardin (2011), based on the recurrence of discursive elements in the interviews. The research took as theoretical basis the studies of Tardif (2009; 2012), Arroyo (1999; 2013), Nóvoa (1992), Teixeira (2007), Gatti (2010), Freire (1996), among others that discuss the theme of teacher education. The results indicated a formative process demarcated by moments, actions and interactions that permeate from the choice for the teaching career; initial training and the relationship with teaching practice; reflection and understanding of concepts about literacy and literacy; even the search for training actions to overcome the challenges imposed by teaching.
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