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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jul-2015First report and molecular characterization of an isolate of papaya ringspot virus (PRSV-W) detected in pumpkin in CubaRodríguez-Martínez, Douglas; Figueira, Antonia dos Reis; Duarte, Priscilla de Sousa Geraldino; Galvino-Costa, Suellen Bárbara Ferreira; Olmedo, Justo González
2014Molecular and biological studies of Papaya ringspot virus isolates from Brazil and CubaMartínez, Douglas Rodríguez; Duarte, Priscilla de Sousa Geraldino; Olmedo, Justo González; Figueira, Antonia dos Reis
May-2015Variability of seed-borne Colletotrichum strains in cotton based on ITS1 and ITS2 ribossomal genes analysisCarvalho, Enia Mara de; Figueira, Antônia dos Reis; Machado, José da Cruz; Araújo, Dejânia Vieira de; Machado, Cibele Ferreira
Feb-2018Diversity of Trichoderma species isolated from dead branches and sapwood of Theobroma cacao treesAlmeida, Kize A.; Armesto, Cecília; Monteiro, Fernando P.; Souza, Jorge T. de
Oct-2016Multilocus phylogeny of Clonostachys subgenus Bionectria from Brazil and description of Clonostachys chloroleuca sp. nov.Moreira, Gláucia M.; Abreu, Lucas M.; Carvalho, Vívian G.; Schroers, Hans-Josef; Pfenning, Ludwig H.
Apr-2017Genetic variability suggests that three populations of Ceratocystis fimbriata are responsible for the Ceratocystis wilt epidemic on kiwifruit in BrazilFerreira, Maria A.; Harrington, Thomas C.; Piveta, Graziela; Alfenas, Acelino C.
May-2019A leaf spot of Tectona grandis caused by Xanthomonas fuscans in BrazilBorges, Rafaela C. F.; Rossato, Maurício; Santos, Maria do Desterro M.; Cabral, Cléia S.; Albuquerque, Greecy Mirian R.; Ferreira, Maria A.; Fonseca, Maria Esther N.; Boiteux, Leonardo Silva
30-May-2016Genetic diversity of Bursaphelenchus cocophilus in South AmericaSilva, Arinaldo P.; Parra, Pedro P.; Campos, Vicente P.; Costa, Sara S.; Vicente, Cláudia S. L.; Ferreira, Letícia G.; Souza, Ricardo M.; Mota, Manuel
Feb-2009A new Fusarium lineage within the Gibberella fujikuroi species complex is the main causal agent of mango malformation disease in BrazilLima, C. S.; Pfenning, L. H.; Costa, S. S.; Campos, M. A.; Leslie, J. F.
Feb-2012Chemical and molecular characterization of Phomopsis and Cytospora-like endophytes from different host plants in BrazilAbreu, Lucas M.; Costa, Sarah S.; Pfenning, Ludwig H.; Takahashi, Jacqueline A.; Larsen, Thomas O.; Andersen, Birgitte