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dc.creatorTodesco, José Leomar-
dc.creatorBermejo, Paulo Henrique de Souza-
dc.creatorTonelli, Adriano Olimpio-
dc.creatorZambalde, André Luiz-
dc.identifier.citationBERMEJO, P. H. S. et al. Information technology strategic planning with balanced scorecard – BSC. In: INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON INFORMATION SYSTEMS AND TECHNOLOGY MANAGEMENT (CONTECSI), 2010, São Paulo- Brasil. Proceedings… São Paulo: [s.n.], 2010.pt_BR
dc.description.abstractThe strategic use of information technology has awaked the interest oforganizations and researchers, strengthening the importance of IT strategicplanning (ITSP). However, developing and executing the ITSP of efficient andeffective way represents one of the most challenges for organizations. Seeking tocircumvent problems and deficiencies inherent to the ITSP, this paper aims topropose the use of balanced scorecard in an IT strategic planning method. AnITSP method was developed by aggregating practices and guidelines of thebalanced scorecard (BSC). The resulting method was empirically verified in 20organizations. The results showed the use of BSC in the ITSP process,contributing to the organizations in the efficient and effective development of ITstrategic and tactics plans. The resulting method also contributed to the mitigationof problems associated with the development, alignment and communication of ITstrategies.pt_BR
dc.subjectBalanced Scorecardpt_BR
dc.subjectGovernança de TIpt_BR
dc.titleInformation Technology Strategic Planning with Balanced Scorecard – BSCpt_BR
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