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Title: Quality alterations during storage of sugar-free guava jam with added prebiotics
Issue Date: 25-May-2012
Publisher: Wiley Periodical
Citation: MESQUITA, K. S. et al. Quality alterations during storage of sugar-free guava jam with added prebiotics. Journal of Food Processing and Preservation, Westport, Conn., v. 37, n. 5, p. 806-813, Jan. 2013.
Abstract: The aims of this study were as follows: to assess the changes that occur in sugar- free guava (Psidium guajava) jam with added prebiotics during 180 days of storage and to investigate the influence of opaque and transparent packages on the stabil- ity of this jam during storage through microbiological, physical, chemical and physicochemical analyses. The packaging influenced the a*, b* and L* color parameters, and the transparent packaging had the greatest loss of brightness and lowest intensity levels of red color when compared with the opaque packaging. The length of storage time significantly affected all variables (color, syneresis, water activity, fructooligosaccharide concentration, titratable acidity and pH). The microbiological quality of the sugar-free guava jam with added prebiotics in both packaging types was maintained for 180 days.
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