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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
15-Sep-2016Influence of environmental variables on stream fish fauna at multiple spatial scalesJunqueira, Nara Tadini; Macedo, Diego Rodrigues; Souza, Rafael Couto Rosa de; Hughes, Robert Mason; Callisto, Marcos; Pompeu, Paulo Santos
Jan-2018Land cover disturbance homogenizes aquatic insect functional structure in neotropical savanna streamsCastro, Diego M. Parreira de; Dolédec, Sylvain; Callisto, Marcos
Mar-2016Land use influences niche size and the assimilation of resources by benthic macroinvertebrates in tropical headwater streamsCastro, Diego Marcel Parreira de; Carvalho, Débora Reis de; Pompeu, Paulo dos Santos; Moreira, Marcelo Zacharias; Nardoto, Gabriela Bielefeld; Callisto, Marcos
Mar-2019Protected areas: a focus on Brazilian freshwater biodiversityAzevedo‐Santos, Valter M.; Frederico, Renata G.; Fagundes, Camila K.; Pompeu, Paulo S.; Pelicice, Fernando M.; Padial, André A.; Nogueira, Marcos G.; Fearnside, Philip M.; Lima, Luciano B.; Daga, Vanessa S.; Oliveira, Fagner J. M.; Vitule, Jean R. S.; Callisto, Marcos; Agostinho, Angelo A.; Esteves, Francisco A.; Lima-Junior, Dilermando P.; Magalhães, André L. B.; Sabino, José; Mormul, Roger P.; Grasel, Daniel; Zuanon, Jansen; Vilella, Fábio S.; Henry, Raoul
Jul-2017The trophic structure of fish communities from streams in the Brazilian Cerrado under different land uses: an approach using stable isotopesCarvalho, Débora Reis de; Castro, Diego M. Parreira de; Callisto, Marcos; Moreira, Marcelo Zacharias; Pompeu, Paulo Santos