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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2018Effects of plant growth regulators, different culture media and strength MS on production of volatile fraction composition in shoot cultures of Ocimum basilicumMonfort, Lucila Elizabeth Fragoso; Bertolucci, Suzan Kelly Vilela; Lima, Andreisa Fabri; Carvalho, Alexandre Alves de; Mohammed, Aliyu; Blank, Arie Fitzgerard; Pinto, José Eduardo Brasil Pereira
2018Growth and volatiles in the micropropagation of Santa Maria herbCarvalho, Alexandre Alves de; Bertolucci, Suzan Kelly Vilela; Silva, Sâmia Torres; Pinto, José Eduardo Brasil Pereira
2013Influência de diferentes fatores na micropropagação e na análise dos compostos voláteis in vitro de Chenopodium ambrosioides L.Carvalho, Alexandre Alves de
2018Macronutrient omission changes lippia gracilis schauer, a threatened medicinal plant, growth and volatile chemical compositionAlmeida, Brígida Resende; Bertolucci, Suzan Kelly Vilela; Carvalho, Alexandre Alves de; Roza, Heitor Luiz Heiderich; Figueiredo, Felipe Campos; Pinto, José Eduardo Brasil Pereira
27-Apr-2017Mesocomponentes, qualidade de luz e elicitores na micropropagação e análise química volátil de Chenopodium ambrosioides L. (Chenopodiaceae)Carvalho, Alexandre Alves de
Oct-2018Mesos components (CaCl2, MgSO4, KH2PO4) induced changes in growth and ascaridole content of Dysphania ambrosioides L. in vitroCarvalho, Alexandre Alves de; Bertolucci, Suzan Kelly Vilela; Silva, Giselly Motta da; Cunha, Samuel Henrique Bragada; Roza, Heitor Luiz Heiderich; Aazza, Smail; Pinto, José Eduardo Brasil Pereira
Dec-2018Quality and intensity of light affect lippia gracilis schauer plant growth and volatile compounds in vitroLazzarini, Luiz Eduardo Santos; Bertolucci, Suzan Kelly Vilela; Pacheco, Fernanda Ventorim; Santos, Jaqueline dos; Silva, Sâmia Torres; Carvalho, Alexandre Alves de; Pinto, José Eduardo Brasil Pereira