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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Characterization of pro-embryogenic calli and somatic embryogenesis of Byrsonima intermedia A. Juss.Silva, L. C.; Paiva, R.; Silva, D. P. C. da; Barbosa, S.; Herrera, R. C.; Davide, L. C.; Paiva, P. D. de O.
Oct-2011Genotoxicity of SPL (spent pot lining) as measured by Tradescantia bioassaysAndrade-Vieira, L. F.; Davide, L. C.; Gedraite, L. S.; Campos, J. M. S.; Azevedo, H.
23-May-2016Implications of mitotic and meiotic irregularities in common beans (Phaseolus Vulgaris L.)Lima, D. C.; Braz, G. T.; Reis, G. B. dos; Techio, V. H.; Davide, L. C.; Abreu, A. de F. B.
Feb-2009In vitro induction of hexaploid plants from triploid hybrids of Pennisetum purpureum and Pennisetum glaucumCampos, J. M. S.; Davide, L. C.; Salgado, C. C.; Santos, F. C.; Costa, P. N.; Silva, P. S.; Alves, C. C. S.; Viccini, L. F.; Pereira, A. V.
19-Sep-2016Microsporogenesis analysis validates the use of artificially tetraploidized Brachiaria ruziziensis in breeding programsPaula, C. M. P.; Figueiredo, K. G.; Souza Sobrinho, F.; Benites, F. R.G.; Davide, L. C.; Techio, V. H.
Nov-2017Re-induction of desiccation tolerance in germinated cowpea seedsSilva, A. C. da; Davide, L. C.; Braz, G. T.; Maia, J.; Castro, E. M. de; Silva, E. A. A. da
May-2011Spent Pot Liner (SPL) induced DNA damage and nuclear alterations in root tip cells of Allium cepa as a consequence of programmed cell deathAndrade-Vieira, L. F.; Gedraite, L. S.; Campos, J. M. S.; Davide, L. C.
May-2010The effect of cyanide compounds, fluorides, aluminum, and inorganic oxides present in spent pot liner on germination and root tip cells of Lactuca sativaAndrade, L. F.; Davide, L. C.; Gedraite, L. S.