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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jul-2018A curved noninteracting 2D electron gas with anisotropic massSouza, Pedro H.; Silva, Edilberto O.; Rojas, Moises; Filgueiras, Cleverson
Dec-2016Effects of quantum deformation on the integer quantum Hall effectAndrade, Fabiano M.; Silva, Edilberto O.; Assafrão, Denise; Filgueiras, Cleverson
Nov-2011Electron on a cylinder with topological defects in a homogeneous magnetic fieldFilgueiras, Cleverson; Oliveira, Breno Ferraz de
Apr-2013Geometry-induced quantum dots on surfaces with Gaussian bumpsSilva, Kamilla V. R. A.; Freitas, Cesar F. de; Filgueiras, Cleverson
Dec-2012Integer quantum hall effect on an interface with disclinationsLima, Anderson Alves de; Filgueiras, Cleverson
Jun-2016Landau quantization, Aharonov-Bohm effect and two-dimensional pseudoharmonic quantum dot around a screw dislocationFilgueiras, Cleverson; Rojas, Moisés; Aciole, Gilson; Silva, Edilberto O.
Oct-2009Long-range elastic-mediated interaction between nanoparticles adsorbed on free-standing smectic filmsOliveira, Italo Marcos Nunes de Oliveira; Lyra, Marcelo Leite; Filgueiras, Cleverson; Moraes, Fernando Jorge Sampaio
2012Nonrelativistic quantum dynamics on a cone with and without a constraining potentialFilgueiras, Cleverson; Silva, Edilberto Oliveira; Andrade, Fabiano Manoel de
1-Dec-2018On the singular effects in the relativistic landau levels in graphene with a disclinationNascimento, Rosinildo F. do; Cogollo, Diego; Silva, Edilberto O.; Rojas, Moisés; Filgueiras, Cleverson
Nov-2015Quantum motion of a point particle in the presence of the Aharonov–Bohm potential in curved spaceSilva, Edilberto O.; Ulhoa, Sérgio C.; Andrade, Fabiano M.; Filgueiras, Cleverson; Amorim, R. G. G.
Nov-2015Relativistic quantum dynamics of a neutral particle in external electric fields: an approach on effects of spinAzevedo, F. S.; Silva, Edilberto O.; Castro, Luis B.; Filgueiras, Cleverson; Cogollo, D.
2017Scattering and bound states of a spin-1/2 neutral particle in the cosmic string spacetimeAndrade, Fabiano M.; Filgueiras, Cleverson; Silva, Edilberto O.
Nov-2013Screw dislocation-induced influence of transverse modes on Hall conductivityLima, André G. de; Poux, Armelle; Assafrão, Denise; Filgueiras, Cleverson
Nov-2010The effect of singular potentials on the harmonic oscillatorFilgueiras, Cleverson; Silva, Edilberto Oliveira; Oliveira, Wilson; Moraes, Fernando Jorge Sampaio
13-Feb-2018Topological and non inertial effects on the interband light absorptionRojas, Moises; Filgueiras, Cleverson; Brandão, Julio; Moraes, Fernando
Feb-2017Torsion effects on condensed matter: like a magnetic field but not so muchLima, Anderson A.; Filgueiras, Cleverson; Moraes, Fernando
2012Yet another position-dependent mass quantum modelLima, Jonas Romero Fonseca de; Vieira, Marcelo da Silva; Furtado, Claudio Benedito Silva; Moraes, Fernando Jorge Sampaio; Filgueiras, Cleverson